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Typical programs and services


Other programs and services

Although the approach taken for any individual or organization is unique to that individual or organization, there are a variety of vehicles available within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology that have been developed and can be used to access, release and explore the depth and breadth of your creative spirit. Some of the typical programs and services are described below.

Workshops (Top)

Orchestrating the Organization: This workshop assists organizations to align individual and organization goals and objectives. Although applicable to any organization, it is especially suited for organizations or organizations components that must quickly improvise to meet changing demands and/or enter abnormal operating conditions such as under emergency situations. It lays the foundation for an organization if it chooses to evolve into an improvisational organization that is able to quickly respond to changing environments.

Creating organizational cultural change: This workshop is designed for organizations that desire to change the culture that underlies the way they do business. It can be used to address the change to improve safety, quality or efficiency.

Fundamentals for Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity: Provides the principles and concepts to give yourself permission to step outside of what you think and believe to be able to explore your own unlimited creativity.

Fresh Breath of the Heart: This workshop is about exploring and opening oneself to one’s own unique creativity and flow of creative life energy within one’s being.

Feminine power: Feminine power addresses the fact there are two ways to perceive realty. One is very masculine and thrusting which is characteristic of the mind. It is the preferred way by the most. The other is very feminine, nurturing and supportive, characteristics of what is traditionally ascribed to the heart. This workshop address that it is the feminine power that gives a true source of happiness and fulfillment for it is what nurtures and sustains any creation. Accessing one’s feminine power provides an intuitive ability to know beyond what the mind knows and believes and transcends time and space.

Building blocks for Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity: This workshop provides a structure much like the series of lessons an individual would use to learn how to play a musical instrument. It overviews one hundred and six bite size concepts and principles to be studied and practiced as a lesson book to develop a creativity perspective.

Foundation for the Education of the Heart: The heart is symbolic of the flow of the creative life energy that sustains us. This workshop lays the foundation to “live from the heart” or in conscious awareness and alignment with this flow of energy. It lays the foundation to live from the heart or in conscious awareness and alignment with this flow of energy.

Navigating from the Heart: This workshop addresses calibrating the internal compass and using the internal compass to support your creative endeavors. It addresses how to use feelings to discern personal truth and how to calibrate and use one’s internal compass in their creative endeavors.

Origins of Thought: This workshop explores why you have the thought you do as opposed to any other thoughts. It provides you with ideas and ways to generate different thoughts and how to influence the thought you create. It builds on the analogy that the human being is like a four-string instrument (a spiritual, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect) and the way these four aspects are “tuned” determine that thoughts you have.

Oneness - Understanding the Longing of the Heart: This workshop explores the origins of the deep inner longing for the Beloved/beloved and/or for that perfect soul mate. It addresses the concept and function of the muse.

Using Rituals and Ceremonies in Creativity: One needs to honor one’s intuitive guidance. One does so by making their intuitive guidance a physical experience either through a real experience or a surrogate real experience through symbolic action such as through meta-theater, ritual and/or ceremony. This workshop explores how to work with one’s intuitive guidance and clear intention.

Principles and Concepts of Meditation for Creative e\Endeavors: A creative endeavor requires one to hold a single point focus to create what one desires. Meditation can be used to help maintain that single point focus. However, to use meditation in one’s creative endeavors, one needs to employ aspects of meditation and clear intentionality that are not traditionally used. This workshop explains how to use meditation techniques in one’s creative endeavors.

Other programs and services (Top)

Seminars: Seminars are shorter and similar to workshops except that they are discussion oriented and allow greater involvement of the audience in a discussion of the topics. Seminars are available on the above workshop topics and other subjects found within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials.

Meta-theatrics: Mind characterizes the experiences it has the best it can based on its past experiences. Until it gets the proper minimum set of relevant experiences it will be unable to accurately characterize what it experiences. Hence mind cannot and will not see reality for what it really is. In this regard, it is often said that mind creates an illusion and we live in an illusion. Most respond to the reality of life based on the illusion held by mind based on what one thinks is occurring. Few ever challenge their own mind. Meta-theatrics reverses the process and uses a variety of theatrics to create an “illusionary” experience such that one can see the reality of mind and how mind perceives what occurs based on what one thinks and believes about a situation.

Individual and/or Collective Coaching/Mntoring: As needed determined by one’s creative efforts.

Collaborative Creating: Creating with an individual or organization based on a jointly held intention.

Phone Consultation: Face to face discussion is not always important. Much can be accomplished through focused conversations over the phone when (1) a particular need arise or (2) routine discussion of one’s creative efforts. Phone conversations supplemented with fax and/or electronic transfer of information has been found to be more than adequate for many creative needs.


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