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Work-up to establish the nature of the creative needs

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach assumes the creative power you need to create what you desire is currently raveled, entwined and/or otherwise entangled in the life and world you currently experience and the experiences you have had. To create what you desire, you need to "undo" the creative steps you have taken to free the energy and ability to create what you desire.

To begin to access this information, a work-up is completed to one degree or another for all creative efforts whether for an individual or organization. Whether for an individual or an organization, the following types and kinds of information will be reviewed.

What do you desire to create and why?

What is your intention? (Organizational - What is the mission or objective of the organization)

What do you seek, what do you want in your life (This may or may not be what you wish to create or what you intend. For example, your intention may be to make money but you seek happiness.)

Your eulogy - what would you like said about yourself as you leave this life? (Organizational - What would you like said about the organization you served as you move onto other aspects of your life)

What do you wish to create with your life? (Organizational - What do you wish to create with the life the organization has? This is not the same as the mission or objective. For example, you could say a country’s army and marine force both have the same mission - to protect and defend the country. However, the organization life they create will be quite different.)

What is your reason for contacting the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach?

What do you hope to get from this material and/or this approach as opposed to any other?

What do you wish to create, what is your intention, at this time?

What part of your life is not working? (What part of the organization is not working)

What part of your life is working? (What part of the organization is working)

Is there a part that you don’t know if it is working or not working?

Characterize the starting point - understanding what has been created to date: provide a short history and the environment in which you find yourself or the organization.

Who are you and how would you describe yourself? (Organizational - What is it and what does it do or don’t do?)

Life map - how did you get to where you are now. The life map is about the path you have traveled in your life. If you were to drawn a map showing the life that has been lived, what would it look like? (Organizational - What does the life map of the organization look like?)

Medical and health overview (Organizational - What is the financial health? Accident and/or illness rates. Lawsuits. Enforcement actions.)

Family overview (Organizational - What is the pedigree of the organization and relationship with other organizations? From where did the organization arise and why? What is the pedigree of the industry)

Family medical overview (Organizational - What is the financial health of related organizations? What is the state of the industry?)

Religious overview (Organizational - What is the source of the creative power and energy for the organization? Who or what is supplying the creative energy for the company?)

Cultural overview (Organizational - What are the internal and external cultures in which the organization will function?)

Work place review (as needed for individuals. Required for organizations)

Place of residence review (as needed for individual/ Organization would be were the decisions are made and/or the headquarters is located.)

Place of play/relaxation review - to where do you escape to "recharge your energy."

Starting exercises

Calming and centering exercise

 Discerning Personal Truth Exercise

Setting and calibrating the internal compass exercise


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