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Charge Rate Information

Generic considerations on rates and fees

Items of consideration in consultation rates

Some comments on workshops


Generic considerations on rates and fees (Top)

Experience has shown most creative needs involve conceptual understanding. These can often be resolved in a phone consultation. It is an illusion to believe one must always be physically present with another. However, there are a variety of creative needs and experiences that do require onsite presence and/or face to face contact. The intent of this rate structure is to discourage unnecessary travel and to address with can be addressed by the phone or electronic means.

Actual fees are determined at the time of inquiry based on the current hourly or standard consultation session rate.

Items of consideration in consultation rates (Top)

Consultation rates can be adjusted based on ability to pay, type of consultation, scheduling commitments and duration of the requested effort. No creative task is too large or too small. The question is the availability of time and competing priorities.

One free, limited phone consultation is available to interested individuals.

Typical phone consultations and/or review of transmitted data are based on a hourly rate or for fractions of an hour unless placed on a retainer.

Within an approximate 15 mile radius of Germantown, Maryland, a standard consultation rate is applied for an approximate two to three-hour session.

Consultation rate for distances greater than 15 miles from Germantown, Maryland is typically the standard consultation rate plus travel expenses, compensation for travel time (at a greatly reduced rate) in hourly increments, and, as necessary, per diem and lodging

Minimum travel consultation sessions are approximately three hours

Hourly consultation rates are at a hourly rate up to a maximum of ten hours per day. Work after ten hours is discretionary and is totally depend on the perceived value that is being added to the overall effort.

Travel rates (to and from) are about $20/travel-hour and fraction of a travel hour. (Travel rates begin at time of departure to arrival at the destination lodging or place of work.)

Logistical expenses (for example, shipping for workshop materials) can either charged separately or incorporated in an overall charge that would wrap all expenses into an overall fee for service.

For travel, government per diem and lodging rates will be considered when sensible and available at that rate for non government work and meet consultation needs and will not incur unnecessary commuting time (greater than 15 to 20 minutes). Otherwise the going rate will prevail but will not exceed four times the government rate.

Normally, payment terms for other than local travel are one half prior to starting travel, including one half per diem and lodging, and the remaining portion on completion of the travel.

Other than for the purpose of a lecture or seminar, creative needs which require travel will most probably be for the purpose of workshop presentation and/or address some particular type and kind of problem. In these cases, a team effort is often required and the assistance of another individual to implement the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach and/or workshop can be expected. It can be anticipated that when travel is required, the actual charge will be doubled.

Some comments on workshops (Top)

 Please note: Workshops are considered consultations. Creativity does not lead itself well to performance criteria. Performance criteria are against a known standard and a specifically desired level of knowledge and/or performance. Creativity takes you into the unknown. Although there are aspects of what you create that can be measures and may even be known beforehand, how you get there is not often known and preconceived ideas my just make the journey much longer than necessary.

Although the workshop each have objectives and those are met, what you obtain and take away from the workshop is like any other consultation session. Your thinking will be influenced and may even change. You may learn techniques that you can use immediately or you many not use what you learned for years. But you will not necessarily walk away with something to which you can point as to exactly what you obtained. The workshops are not designed to provide a skill in the sense of performance based training. The workshop are designed to provide understanding and influence how and what you think about yourself and the world you experience and the problem you face and wish to solve. .

In addition to the existing workshops listed under programs and services, workshops can be arranged and designed as requested. The workshop’s charge rate will be determined by travel, per diem, lodging, logistical requirements and time commitments of workshop leaders including pre and post workshop commitments. Workshops can be designed to not be constrained by attendance requirements such that there is less need for one-to-one interaction. In these cases, a greater the audience size can be accommodated. Larger audiences, larger than about thirty, are not considered a workshop. Although workshop exercises may be used, the format for such an audience will be more of a lecture format.

Inquiries (Top)

If you are interested in using the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity programs and services, send inquires to:


Surface snail mail
Ken Ferlic
Attention: Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity
19206 Warrior Brook Dr.
Germantown, MD 20874

 Phone 240-750-8193


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