Types of Programs and Services

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Types of programs and services

Educational support programs and services

Hands on creativity support programs and services

Collaborative co-creation activities

The nature of creativity does not always lead itself well to many of the traditional management approaches. Nor does it readily lend itself to what we think what we need to do to meet the mundane affairs and needs of life. As such, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity programs and services are structured to bridge the traditional business need yet meet the real needs of the creative process. In this regard, there are three forms to the program and services. The included, educational support programs and services, Hands on creativity support programs and services co-creation activities.

Educational support programs and services (Top)

The educational support programs and services teach and instruct individuals and organizations on, and/or in, creative principles.

There are two aspects to the education support programs and services reflective of any science. There is classroom or academic aspect and a laboratory or experiential aspect. Education programs and support will be one, or the other, or combination of two aspects depending on the creative needs. .

The academic aspects are reflective in the traditional approach to education employing lectures, seminars, coaching, consultation, reading and the like. The academic aspect then to be classroom orientated and address the conceptual aspects of the creative process. The academic/classroom aspect tends to address the more generic aspects that can be readily given to a group of individuals. Accelerated learning techniques are used to introduce and bring in the experiential aspects of the learning process.

For individual, it has been found simple discussions, often with related reading, are often more than adequate to address the conceptual aspect of the creative process. In most cases, a phone conversation is adequate to guide an individual in their creative endeavor. Of course, in situations where more than one individual is involved, the tradition classroom type setting such as workshops, seminars and the like is much better suited to the effort that conference calls.

However, there are many issues of creativity that are better addressed in the laboratory or by experience. These can only be addressed by becoming creative and engaging in a creative activity. Here “field” assistance and/or exercises may be necessary. Also, one may have to go and experience the conditions of the environment as to what physical influences are affecting the creative effort.

Since creativity is unique to the individual and the organization, the techniques used to access and release the necessary creativity are tailored to the uniqueness of the individual and organization. The objective of the laboratory/experiential aspect is to move in the direction of creating the most creative state of being - a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration at each and every level of being. As such, creativity and the creative world of play in any and all its forms necessary to create this space are utilized as appropriate. In addition to discussion, dialogue, lectures and classroom teaching, the techniques can include, but are not limited to, such things as: role play, as in a meta-theater; sandbox play as a young child in a sandbox; table top play such as table top games and cards; guided imagery using and exploring one’s own imagination and imagery; and/or rituals and ceremonies. Other than lecturing and classroom teaching, the focus of the techniques is to uncover and reveal one’s belief structure to see how and where one has raveled, entwined, or otherwise entangled their creative life energy.

It is to be noted, the techniques used in Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity are not therapy techniques as used in psychology, psychoanalysis or other counseling programs and should not be confused with them. Although there are therapies with similar names, such as role play, psychodrama, play therapy, sand play, and the like, the techniques and approach for Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity are based on the individual’s unique body wisdom, intuition, and symbolism used within the structure of an energy-consciousness model that explains how one’s internal world is a direct reflection of one’s external world and is unique to each individual. The approach to Recreating Your Reality uses the uniqueness of the individual and the flow of energy within their being and, as such, what works for one will not necessarily work for another or is not readily transferred to another. Yet, there are similarities and common aspects to the journey that each undertakes.

Hands on creativity support programs and services (Top)

Hands on creativity support programs and services are about creating with an individual and/or organization to create something they desire. This support is reflective of situations where an individual desire to become knowledgeable in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology. Here the approach differs and is not as structured in the same way as the academic and laboratory portions. It is more like one would encounter in an apprentice type program tailored to the individual’s needs. However there are nothing like certifications that go with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity programs and services where you are evaluated against a set of performance measures. You cannot certify creativity. Creativity cannot be put in a box in the way certifications work for professional organizations. To believe it is possible is not to understand the creative process.

The ultimate intent of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is to get individuals to access and release their own unique creative abilities. It is not to try and get one to copy the techniques and approach of another. As such, although it is possible, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is not to be learned as one would learn a profession with the intent of becoming certified. Rather the approach is to have the individual learn the material as if they were to become certified but digest the material for their own unique use as in a certification process. In digesting the material, the individual takes what serves their needs and their unique creative ability and throws the rest away. The space is then given to the individual for their own unique creative abilities to be brought forward as in giving birth. Once their creative abilities are brought forth, the next step is to provide assistance to develop them as one would nanny a child until the child was able to stand on its own two feet and go into the world - a light unto oneself to light the way for others. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity materials are only the foundation the individual uses for the unfoldment of their own creativity. In this regard, when the individual does access and unfold their creativity ability in the world, the door is then open to collaborative creative activities. Here one becomes a fully equal creation partner.

In some ways hands on creativity support is like learning to fly an airplane. One first enters the classroom followed by laboratory/simulator training. This is the birthing process of one’s creative ability. That education is then followed by flying an airplane with an instructor. Here one becomes involved in creative activity putting the knowledge into practice. This is analogous to the nanny and helping the individual stand on their own two feet. At some point the individual has their solo flight and steps into their own creative endeavor without the instructor. Here the individual pursues their own unique creative expression. When the individual determines what they ultimately desire to create with their creative abilities, the door is now open to create with another from a position of being creatively self empowered.

Collaborative co-creation activities (Top)

Co-creative activities are activities were the creative uniqueness of an individual or organization is “married” or merged with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to create a new or different understanding, approach or product.

Using the “learning to fly” analogy above, collaborative co-creating is about flying with another. Rather than flying alone, one flies with another in someway. Here there are a variety of options. One is to work within a joint creative effort where the two individuals would work as pilot and copilot, or they fly together in their own unique way within a larger creation as would two stunt or fighter pilots fly together to meet some joint intention, or they support a larger overall performance the way two pilots would work for an airline where they have different air routes.


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